Friday, April 23, 2010

My Sweet Decoupage II

Salam to all my friends, lama juga tak update blog...ever since my morning sickness (4th child) macam-macam penyakit keluar termasuklah penyakit M...but now am back again with new ideas(tak lah new sangat,copy juga..) and yang bestnya bila nak buka premis baru tapi masih under renovation, rezeki anak...bila time2 mengandung  ja rezeki selalu datang mencurah2..Alhamdullillah Praise be to you Allah! 

Jealous nengok blog orang buat,no,no... sendiri pun nak buat jugak... memang tak tahan! hehehe.....jom surfing.......

Chopping Board


 Kettle Pot, Recycle Bottle and Wooden Slice Bird House

MDF Board
Plastic Tray
My Serviettes Napkin Tissue Collection;

yet  I  still have some more.....

These are some excellent ideas yang boleh di buat Inspirasi....I copy this from someone else blog, hope they wont mind, just for inspire...have a look...:)

 I love how they play with the colors!!
yang ni sebenarnya FA not decoupage



Sandra said...

Your works are very nice!
Kisses, from Buenos Aires, Argentina,

RubyLittleCottage said...

Thank you and so kind of you to visit my blog, do please visit again!

Sandra said...

Hi Ruby, I'm here and I'll follow you. Thanks for your comment.
All your works are very beautiful, on most surfaces like mine.
I'll be back to see your new works.
A kiss from Buenos Aires,

Rocío said...

Hola!!! Muchas gracias por tu visita y por tu comentario.
Me gustan mucho tus trabajos.
Te sigo.
Besos desde España,

RubyLittleCottage said...

Thank you Racio for visit my blog..your works is adorable..i love it very much.