Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Sweet Decoupage


Decoupage is the craft of decorating the surfaces of objects with cut-outs of printed images. This decorative technique involves applying paper designs by adhering them to the objects,in such way that they appear to be part of it. Decoupage is also known as "poor art" because it was used in the old days to imitate painted decoration. Although this technique was developed to substitute another that required much more skill and extensive experience, it's continues use and popularity have contributed to the CREATION of ELABORATE decorations of technical complexity. Furniture decorated or craft with decoupage enjoys a widespread acceptance. Antique furniture decorated with "poor art" sells for high prices!! 

Seni hias Decoupage yang berasal dari Negara Perancis ini merupakan seni hias yang sangat diminati di negara Eropah. Dengan seni ini anda boleh mereka cipta pelbagai jenis lukisan mengikut kretiviti anda. Ia tidak banyak beza dengan teknik lukisan, stensil atau cat, cuma penggunaan bahan dan teknik tertentu sahaja yang membezakannya.Apa yang menarik, seni ini boleh diaplikasikan pada apa sahaja permukaan bahan seperti kayu, tin, botol, pasu dan sebagainya. Lihat la hasil kretiviti yang telah dibuat oleh saya dan teman-teman saya dalam blog ini anda pasti saja teruja!

Lovely made of Decoupage....Hasil Tangan Decoupage....



On a cigar box...

Recycled Glass Wine Bottle 

on glass plate

Floor Cloth done using the reverse side
of vinyl flooring cut in a heart shape.

Wooden Signboard decoupage  

Decoupage on terra-cotta

Decoupage papers on Stampboard

These are decoupage that  I make recently... since Christmas is coming soon so I make this for them who celebrate Christmas and if you intend to buy any of my creation or things you saw in here.. please visit





and these are decoupage made from a friend i just met, she's a wonderful woman that i think she have a magic on her hands of making decoupage, so lovely, amaze and alive...